Elomatic Ltd and Deltamarin Ltd have signed a large scale tri-party engineering contract with MV Werften

The Global Class mega passenger ship will be 340 metres long, 45 metres wide and have a gross register tonnage of 200,001. Making it largest passenger ship ever built in Germany and one of the largest ever built world-wide.

Global-luokan alus. Kuva: Asean-news

The tri-party engineering contract was signed by Elomatic Ltd, Deltamarin and MV Werften Ltd on 28 July 2016 and is the largest in both Elomatic’s and Deltamarin’s histories.  The value of the contract is approximately €16.5M for Deltamarin and €17M for Elomatic. According to a deltamarin press release.

The vessel Witch is a global class cruiser will be built by MV Werften in parallel in Wismar and Rostock, Germany. Being 340 metres long, 45 metres wide and having a gross register tonnage of 200,001. will make it the largest passenger ship ever built in Germany and one of the largest ever built world-wide.

The second vessel being designed will be approximately 342 meters long and 46.4 metres wide with a gross register tonnage of 204,000. The ships are designed specifically for the Asian market and can carry up to 9,500 passengers.

For Elomatic and Deltamarin the project includes engineering for the basic and detail design phases in all engineering disciplines. Both companies will also assist the shipyard during the construction with technical site services.

“We are very proud to continue the strategic partnership with MV WERFTEN. We look forward to further developing the cooperation with the yard.” says Deltamarin CEO, Janne Uotila.

and Elomatic CEO, Patrik Rautaheimo commented “We are very proud that MV Werften has chosen us as a strategic partner and that they have shown faith in us to design passenger ships of the highest quality.”

“The engineering contract also makes it easier for Finnish suppliers and turnkey companies to participate in this massive project. It is a boost not only for us, but the whole marine cluster in Finland,” continue Laurilehto and Rautaheimo.

According to a statement by Elomatic the project will last almost four years and delivery of the first ship is scheduled for 2020.

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