Mikael Mäkinen to the Board of Finnlines

Finnlines plc’s annual general meeting decided that the number of Board members should be eight. As a new member of the Board, Rolls-Royce Marian Mikael Mäkinen was elected.

Finnlines Oyj CEO Emanuele Grimaldi and new board member Mikael Mäkinen in Sardinia. Photo: Kari Martiala

In addition to Mäkinen, Christer Backman, Tiina Bäckman, Emanuele Grimaldi, Gian Luca Grimaldi, Guido Grimaldi, Diego Pacella and Jon-Aksel Torgersen continue in the Board of Directors. All members were elected for a term expiring at the end of the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

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