Shipowners ́Associations stand behind EU sanction package

Russia’s ongoing war and attack on the sovereign state of Ukraine are most strongly condemned by leading maritime organizations. The appalling decision of the Russian Government to invade Ukraine and the consequences of this decision have serious consequences for the people of Ukraine and must be stopped immediately.

The international community –including the EU, the US and the UK –has introduced significant sanctions towards Russia.

As leading shipping associations, we stand firmly behind the measures adopted to end the war and the sanctions adopted by the EU. We welcome the EU member states’adoption of the 5thsanctions package including the sanctions proposed on maritime transport.

We stand ready to support further measures adopted by the European Union and its partners in their support of the Ukraine, including those in the maritime sector with the aim to meet the demand stated in the resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on the 2nd of March that Russia is to “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.”

We call on Russia to cease the hostilities and respect international law and human rights, including the protection of all affected seafarers and the protection of lives at sea.

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