ALMACO and ACT.Global Sign a Partnership Agreement

ALMACO and ACT.Global partner up to provide the marine and offshore industries with Premium Purity™, a solution that brings long-lasting disinfection in a sustainable and cost-efficient way.

ALMACO is extending its health and sanitation portfolio by partnering with Danish ACT.Global to distribute their sanitization solution Premium PurityTM to the maritime industry.
Premium PurityTM is a solution that purifies the air and renders surfaces self-disinfecting in a chemical-free, sustainable, and healthy way. ACT.Global has already delivered Premium PurityTM to the maritime industry with impressive results. One case proved an annual reduction in gastrointestinal cases by 50%. The solution has been tested and approved by laboratories and agencies and passed several European Norm tests.
Herve Touzard, Vice President of Service Division at ALMACO, says, “We are very happy to have found each other as we form a perfect match. Together we can support our customers and the whole industry by taking health, cleaning and sanitation to a completely new level, which in turn can bring back the public’s confidence in the industry.”
Lars Bang Pedersen, Vice President Marine & OEM at ACT.Global, says: “We have conducted studies with great results and tested the solution thoroughly in real environments with positive customer feedback. We know it works, and that the maritime industry wants it, but without ALMACO’s help, we simply can’t distribute and apply it fast enough to meet the rapidly growing demand.” He continues: “ALMACO is known for being a reliable provider of high-quality and environmental-friendly turnkey solutions. A partnership with them is an ideal fit for us and Premium Purity™.”
Björn Stenwall, CEO of ALMACO, adds “I am very impressed by Premium Purity™ presented by ACT.Global and believes it will be a game changer for the maritime industry regarding health, cleaning and sanitation. ACT.Global is a company with high integrity and brilliant minds. They put safety, people and the environment first, which corresponds well with ALMACO’s values.”
ALMACO provides full lifecycle support for Premium Purity™ including planning, supply, installation and application of the solution, as well as spare part and equipment deliveries and maintenance. The cooperation between ALMACO and ACT.Global will provide both companies great opportunities for health and sanitation business in the maritime industry.

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