MyStar’s keel was laid – Tallink believes LNG is an advantage

The keel of Tallink Grupp’s new shuttle ferry was laid on Friday at Rauma shipyard. In keel laying ceremony Estonian and Finnish coins were placed under the keel to bring good luck for the construction phase and forthcoming cruises.

MyStar will provide over 1500 person-years of employment for the shipyard.

MyStar will operate between Tallinna and Helsinki and is the largest ship built on Rauma Marine Constructions’ shipyard.

– MyStar is double the size of Wasalines’ Aurora Botnia so we had to raise our lifting capacity. We are happy that the delivery of the main equipment is progressing according to schedule and testing of the generators was successful, says Jyrki Heinimaa, President and CEO of Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC).

Jyrki Heinimaa, President and CEO of RMC, places coins under the keel for good luck.

According to Tallink Grupp MyStar will be one of the most eco-friendly ships on the Baltic Sea. The ship will have a dual-fuel solution that can use liquified natural gas (LNG), a fuel with lower emissions. Also, the vessel’s advanced, certified electric propulsion system allows the ship to operate energy-efficiently in all circumstances at speeds of up to 27 knots.

– It is extremely important to keep our sights both on the near as well as the more distant future right now and continue with key projects that will ensure shipping is greener, more efficient and increasingly sustainable in the future, says Paavo Nõgene, CEO of Tallink Grupp.

– Our main fuel is gas which is an advantage as our competitors haven’t got this kind of vessel on the same route. We want to use the best of new technologies and take the green thinking to next level, adds Andres Lepik, Project Manager of Tallink Grupp.

Jyrki Heinimaa notes that in vessels LNG has became a new normal. But this will be just one phase in development.

– LNG is very popular now but I think this is temporary. Form of energy will be main point in future too as companies look out for fossil free solutions.

Jyrki Heinimaa is confident that despite the coronavirus pandemic production continues at the Rauma shipyard.

– Although the final impact of the pandemic on the shipyard remains to be seen, we are confident that operations will continue to run on track due to the HSES measures we have taken.

Andres Lepvik hails the good news of relaxed travel restrictions between Finland and Baltic States.

– We have now more experience how to handle this situation. If we get back to normal next summer, it’ll be good for us.

The construction of MyStar started in April 2020 and the float-out of the vessel is scheduled for summer 2021. The delivery of MyStar will take place at the beginning of 2022. MyStar will provide over 1500 person-years of employment for the shipyard. The project’s worth is 250 million euros.

MyStar’s first keel-block weighs appromixately 270 tonnes.

Text: Tomi Kangasniemi

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